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viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013

Neusthrian Elves

Neusthrian faction ocupes the center-east lands behind the Rök Mountains, a big portion of green templated lands where they were able to prosper thanks to the rich natural resources available in the territory.

 They are the antecessors of Erythrian Elves and have contact in the south with N´gua Khanate and Uralia at north. Military units:

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Rössian (nords) and Erythrian factions

Rössian kingdom (human) are based in the far north and east of the Uralian Mountain trail.
They live with Northälfar dwarfs, who live along the center of the mountain trail.

Military units:


The Erythrian elves are descendants of the Neusthrian, the continental elves. They arrived the island that is the home of the Sulkanni kingdom in the year 6.400 dc (after creation) as an expedition party but then decided to stay in the beatifull land they discovered, leaving their home in the past and fighting against the local people (Sulkanni) who couldnt succefully resist against the advanced weapons, armours and creatures that the elves manipulated.

Military units:


The sulkanni kingdom is situated in a island apart from the continent, fact that was possible thanks to their Patron couple intervention who "ripped" the island off the continent and formed a thin river that works as natural defense.

The Sulkanni faction has the Uralian kindomg in the north, the Erythrian Elves invaders in the south and the Neusthrian Elves in the weast.

Army looking: