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Factions army lists for Heroes Rampage! ruleset WIP

This is the army list that at same time acts as quick reference sheets for the Heroes Rampage! ruleset.

Esta es la lista de ejercito de la facción de Uralia, que al mismo tiempo funciona como hoja de referencia rapida, para el reglamento Heroes Rampage!

miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

Orcus Horde

Orcus Horde is comprised by several species of the 3th creation, beings that evolved to their maximum stage as predators, placing theirself on the top of the food piramid.
However their bodies yet conserved primitives forms not developed properly, as extremities, posture, fingers, toes, the column; things that were not improved until the 4th creations criatures apeared, more exactly the beings that would later become to be known as Orcus, who inherited and developed the evolution level of the creatures, to it last form.

That way, the Orcus became the real top of piramid in the occidental region of the world and organised the Horde thanks to alliances with those criatures.

La Horda Orca está compuesta por varias especies de criaturas de la 3era creación, quienes evolucionaron hasta su punto máximo como depredadores, ubicándose en lo más alto de la pirámide alimenticia.
Sin embargo sus cuerpos presentan formas primitivas que presentaban un desarrollo incompleto, como las extremidades, la postura, dedos, la columna; cosas que no fueron perfeccionadas hasta que aparecieron las criaturas de la 4ta creación, más exacto, los seres que terminarían conociéndose como Orcos, quienes heredaron y desarrollaron el nivel evolutivo de las criaturas hasta la forma final.

Así es como estos últimos, al organizarse formaron la Horda, aliándose con las criaturas y bestias salvajes de la región occidental de Magrieb.

Army / Ejército:

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WIP: Cards for tabletop game ruleset/ Cartas para reglamento

This Entry will be updated with images of the cards that belong to one ruleset in alpha testing phase (Heroes Rampage: Magireb).
The tabletop game will have 13 actions cards that ower units and heroes can use like instant actions to take by surprise ower enemies :)

Cards are designed in black/white/greys, to be printed in coloured support. Early desing though.

Esta entrada va a estar actualizada continuamente con imagenes de las cartas de uno de los reglamentos que estamos desarrollando (fase alfa).
El reglamento/juego tiene 13 cartas de accion que pueden ser usadas por las unidades y heroes como acciones instantáneas para agarrar por sorpresa a nuestros enemigos :D.

Las cartas estan diseñadas en negro/blanco/grises para ser impresas en soporte coloreado. Aun asi el diseño general de las cartas no esta terminado.

Card 1: Stun / Carta 1: Aturdir

Card 2: Kick / Carta 2: Patada

Card 3: Sneaky / Carta 3: Sigiloso

Card 4: Kill kill kill! / Carta 4: Mata mata mata!

Card 5: Thrust / Carta 5: Estocada

Card 6: Pathfinder / Carta 6: Busca camino

Card 7: Warcry / Carta 7: Grito de guerra

Card 8: Deadly Impact / Carta 8: Impacto Mortal

Card 9: Aim / Carta 8: Apuntar 

Card 10: Provoke / Carta 10: Provocar 

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Northälfar Dwarfs / Enanos

The Northälfar Dwarfs:

They were the firsts of The Last Creatures to arrive and populate (in a primitive way) the North segment of the Uralian Mountain Trail, being for a long period of time dispersed war clans fighting to get key possitions in the mountains and all what that implies (good defenses, acces to food sources, raw materials, etc)
As they quickly separated from the rest of the Last Creatures and get used to live in mountainous regions, looking foward caves and later on - aprox second half  of 4th milenium after creation - with the advance of tecnologhy, mining; they did not developed a great height, as others factions might have. 
Reason for this can be that they had no necessity for "upper" food, materials or resources; during thousands of years they ate, gather, collected everything from the ground, rocks, pits, undergrounds, etc. leading to develop a robust-short body prepared for that kind of life style. 

They could realise their condition when the isolation they were immersed finished with the approach of the exiled Rössian men  (near 6500 a.c) -who measured 50cm more- to their northern frontiers, wich fortunately for both sides, ended in a prosperous mutual help relationship that, except some unfortunate circunstances in the past, stills remains active.

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Magrieb World with principal locations.

Magrieb World with principal locations ( locations of the capitals of each faction and location of factions in the world )

Humans Factions / Facciones Humanas:

Kingdom of Röss / Reino de Röss
Kingdom of Uralia / Reino de Uralia
The Sulkanni / Sulkanni
Hassim Khiläfat / Califato Hassim
N´gua Khanate / Kanato N´gua

Elves Factions / Facciones Elfas:

Kingdom of Neusthria / Reino de Neusthria
Kingdom of Erythria / Reino de Erythria

Dwarf Faction / Facción Enana:

Kingdom of Northälfar / Reino de Northälfar

Orc Faction / Facción Orca:

Orcus Horde / Horda Orcus

Other inhabitants ordered by Energic/Mana/Qi/Chi/power possession  / Otros habitantes ordenados por su nivel de Energía/Maná/Qi/Chi/Poder

1) Elements 5 (Light/Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Gaia/Plantae) / Los 5 Elementos (Luz,Fuego, Agua, Tierra, Aire y Gaia/Plantae)

2) Elements Avatars; 5 Elementals (Light/Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Gaia/Plantae) / Avatares de los Elementos; Los 5 Elementales (Luz,Fuego, Agua, Tierra, Aire y Gaia/Plantae)

3) Elemental and/or Magic nature good/evil/neutral beings / Seres benignos/malignos/neutrales de naturaleza Elemental y/o Mágica

4) Savages and/or domestic Beasts, Criatures and Animals / Bestias, Criaturas y Animales salvajes y/o domesticos.

Note: Magrieb factions are between 3 and 4 level, being at the same time each "race" more powerfull or weaker than others.
Nota: las facciones de Magrieb estan entre los niveles 3 y 4, siendo al mismo tiempo cada "raza" mas poderosa o débil que otras.

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viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013

Neusthrian Elves

Neusthrian faction ocupes the center-east lands behind the Rök Mountains, a big portion of green templated lands where they were able to prosper thanks to the rich natural resources available in the territory.

 They are the antecessors of Erythrian Elves and have contact in the south with N´gua Khanate and Uralia at north. Military units: