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Northälfar Dwarfs / Enanos

The Northälfar Dwarfs:

They were the firsts of The Last Creatures to arrive and populate (in a primitive way) the North segment of the Uralian Mountain Trail, being for a long period of time dispersed war clans fighting to get key possitions in the mountains and all what that implies (good defenses, acces to food sources, raw materials, etc)
As they quickly separated from the rest of the Last Creatures and get used to live in mountainous regions, looking foward caves and later on - aprox second half  of 4th milenium after creation - with the advance of tecnologhy, mining; they did not developed a great height, as others factions might have. 
Reason for this can be that they had no necessity for "upper" food, materials or resources; during thousands of years they ate, gather, collected everything from the ground, rocks, pits, undergrounds, etc. leading to develop a robust-short body prepared for that kind of life style. 

They could realise their condition when the isolation they were immersed finished with the approach of the exiled Rössian men  (near 6500 a.c) -who measured 50cm more- to their northern frontiers, wich fortunately for both sides, ended in a prosperous mutual help relationship that, except some unfortunate circunstances in the past, stills remains active.

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