miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014

New desings: Champions/Heroes for Magrieb World

After long time without updates in THIS blog (i update every week the facebook and forums) i can say that the project have being evolving in a non stop advance, meeting nice people that is helping me, getitng contacts and sculpting in 3D with Zbrush, as well of course, DRAWING.

Now the Sullkani are not humans anymore, they are elves.

Erythria name now is used for  Elves, leaving the Hindu guys with a new name as well, "Ekalki" (more hindu accurate) and human..  the now Erythrian elves are  celtic/germanic look.

Neusthrian elves are replaced (yes, they dissapear) by Persian-like elves.

And the Hassim, a faction that i havent yet reproduced, are Dwarfs as well (they were human in the sketches).

In resume 2 factions added: Orcs and the new Erythrian Elves, and 3 races exchanged (Hassim, Neushtrian - now Akkiri persian/assirian elves- and Sullkani.

edit: adding Itzam lizardmen ( i t was hard to draw in that possition, will look better SCULPTED :)

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