viernes, 25 de julio de 2014

World map: Magrieb

The World created by the Primordial, is a 2 faced one: the history of the factions of the world occur in the face called "Magrieb", while the other side, the "unoccupied" is called "Mashriek"

 WIP 1 with locations of the Dominant factions
 (humanoid ones: orcs, elfs, dwarfs and humans).

The anthropomorphic factions are yet to be located.

Wip 2 (01/08/2014)
All factions locations added.
Pits names added

Wip 3 29/10/2014

Eskimo Orde changed to Inuit Orde.
Rivers and Lakes added
Mountains added

WIP 4 09/05/2015

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